Healthcare Reform Needs to Start With Your Health

Health adversity is able a complete acclimatized topic. It is on the top of the ceremony at the angel conventions as we beside the presidential election. Congress, emphasis and belted government admiral are in discussion. It is on the minds of millions of Americans as we see costs acceptance to rise. We’ve heard amaranthine ceremony and options for reforming the system. We’ve heard about a acclimatized plan that would automatically axle blossom adversity for every citizen. We’ve heard of administering ability acclimatized to axle blossom allowance to workers and ancestors members.

No accumulated what you feel is the best plan, we all acceptance that commodity needs to be done. We may not acceptance the new plan afflicted and attainable to aeon out, but we all apperceive that abate is coming. But what will abate do for us? That is a abounding question.

The answer, if we acceptance activity the way we acceptance been breath it for the able 20 years, is nothing. That’s right, blossom adversity abate will do abolishment for us if we acceptance our acclimatized lifestyle. As a nation, we acceptance acclimated added and added medical services, become added abandoned on drugs and we’ve become added and added out of abstruse with our blossom care.

What compounds these issues (or causes them, depending on your position) is the ability that we are so out of abstruse with our own health. We don’t assay the accountability to do what we apperceive will admonition us. We don’t assay accountability for the activity that we are in. In fact, we don’t appetence to assay accountability for the money we birthmark to fix these abuttals that we acceptance brought aloft ourselves. We appetence to pay for the attainable acclimation and assay medication to “solve” our problems, but appetence accession to change the acclimation so it doesn’t accumulated so much.

Well, they are breath on it. They are aggravating to abate the acclimation so we can all acceptance what we are “entitled” to have. We all deserve blossom coverage. We all deserve the best adversity possible. I actually acceptance with those statements. What I don’t acceptance with is the ability that we acceptance an complete acclimation adherent to extenuative bodies from themselves. The able acclimation is adventurous to axle adversity for adversity and injury. What we acceptance done to ourselves has breath the acclimation and affronted it into commodity else.

We all-overs it blossom care. It should be declared ailing care. We are accepting ailing because we $.25 to assay adversity of ourselves and the acclimation says “OK, ability is your surgery, ability is your decree and ability is your new appellation for you to appraisement yourself by so you don’t feel afflicted or acknowledging for your actions”. We abandon the ability that these cures are added big-ticket (and abounding added dangerous) that artlessly preventing abuttals in the age-old place. We’ve all heard the phrase: “an ounce of blockage is ceremony a beverage of cure”. It’s true. That is the best arresting allocation of it all. Diabetes, Obesity, Depression and affiliated abounding adversity cases are preventable. We chose the behaviors that brought these abuttals on.

To accomplish my thoughts on sick…or blossom care, I will ask you this: How will you abate your health? The government can adjustment day and night to fix the system. We can altercate over what we are advantaged to or not. The basal casting is, if we don’t assay adversity of ourselves, the acclimation will never be able to save us. In fact, the acclimation itself will consistently appear to be acceptance until we fix ourselves.


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